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Our AI-powered software is designed to streamline the prior authorization submission process for specialty oncology clinics. Our intuitive platform manages growing patient data volumes, enhancing healthcare efficiency. Our mission is clear: to empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to to save time, save money, and lives. You can trust hidalga to be your partner in achieving operational excellence and sustained growth. Join the waitlist for early access to our free trial.

Prior Authorization

By reducing PA submission times by up to 70%, hidalga shortens the process from weeks to minutes. With automated batch submissions and real-time status updates, hidalga quickly retrieves patient insurance data, speeding up treatment payments, boosting clinic revenues, and enhancing patient care outcomes.

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Operational Savings

By leveraging AI and NLP, hidalga significantly reduces PA processing costs and patient data preparation time by 25%, saving clinics substantial amounts annually. This efficiency allows for more treatments to proceed on schedule and reallocates resources towards direct patient and provider care.

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Integration Efficiency

Using scalable technology architecture, hidalga integrates smoothly with existing EHR and practice management systems, requiring minimal setup and onboarding. Customization options are tailored to meet the unique needs of each clinic, optimizing flexibility and operational efficiency.

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Enhanced Accuracy

The majority of claim denials stem from billing errors, often resulting from insurance eligibility inaccuracies. Our solution reduces denials by nearly 50%, by enhancing PA accuracy, thereby improving the financial health of clinics. This saves on costs associated with claims disputes and accelerates patient care.

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Continuous Service Monitoring

Our algorithms are continuously updated to reflect the latest in healthcare data, payer guidelines, and regulatory changes, ensuring peak administrative performance. These ongoing enhancements are supported by hidalga’s 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support, ensuring reliable service.

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Advanced Data Solutions

Elevate your billing and workflow efficiency with hidalga’s proprietary data extraction algorithms and advanced machine learning. Our software increases high-cost prior authorization approval rates and transaction processing times, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for optimized treatment scheduling. We provide tailored data analytics and reporting insights at no extra cost using your specific data, helping your clinic effectively manage and scale operations to meet growing patient volumes. Experience the precision of hidalga’s automated prior authorization form completion prototype.

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With proprietary data extraction algorithms and current direction to incorporate machine learning techiques for increased likelihood of high cost PA approval, our software is designed to offer unparalleled improvements in billing and claims accuracy, scheduling efficiency, and overall administrative workflow. Our working prototype is capable of extracting sandbox medical oncology data and automating filling PA form fields with close to 100% accuracy.

The Cost of Prior Authorizations



time consuming process



highest-cost transaction



increase in claim denials



patient treatment abandonment

Automate to Accelerate Care

85% of oncology patients experience treatment delays due to prior authorization complications, with 20% of these cases posing life-threatening risks.
- American Health Insurance Plans Survey on Prior Authorization Practices

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